China’s position with888 slotin Global South cannot be replaced: expert888 slot cc888slot login

Zhang Jiadong Photo: GT

Zhang Jiadong Photo: GT

The888 slotre has been a surge in international conferences focused on the concept of the Global South this year, making it the "year of the Global South," Zhang Jiadong, director of the Center for South Asian Studies at Fudan University, said during the Global Times Annual Conference held on Saturday.

During this year, the Global South has garnered significant attention, with some noting that India is actively asserting its presence and attempting to exclude China among the countries of the Global South.

Zhang acknowledged the possibility that certain countries may exploit this opportunity to establish themselves as the self-proclaimed "leader of the Global South." However, he emphasized that China's position within the Global South cannot be easily replaced.

China, as a developing country, has been a steadfast member of the Global South nations for decades, and this enduring partnership cannot be undermined. External noises or actions will not influence the cooperation between China and the countries of the Global South, Zhang noted.

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