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Photo: Screenshot from online

Photo: Screenshot from online

Chinese movie Endless Journeyhas won big,888slot login both in terms of box office and reviews, for depicting an authentic story and a reliable image of Chinese police officers.

Adapted from the non-fiction novel Please Tell the Director, the Mission of the Third Brigade Has Been Completedby Chinese author Shenlan, the film shows how a disgraced former detective hunts down a criminal as a private citizen.

This non-fiction work filled with authentic details became a cornerstone for Shenlan's recognition and established an authentic backdrop for the movie Endless Journey. Before becoming an author, Shenlan served as a frontline police officer in various positions such as community policing, public security, and criminal investigation, participating in solving multiple major cases.

Unlike traditional crime films that emphasize visual spectacle, violence, and the portrayal of heroic police figures, Endless Journeytakes a different approach. It chooses an unconventional aspect ratio that is closer to a documentary format, focusing on shaping down-to-earth characters. After the opening rainy night crime scene, the film diverges from traditional crime storytelling by unfolding the destinies of the five members of the Three Brigades, led by former police officer Cheng Bing.

The film authentically reveals the realities of life, adding a touch of tenderness and compassion in its artistic representation. The prototype of Cheng spent four years in various roles and locations with the other four members of the Third Brigade. As Cheng leads his members on a quest to hunt the fugitive, this combination bears resemblance to the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

However, this tenderness and compassion are accompanied by the harsh realities the members must deal with due to their families and health. This reality, surpassing the authenticity of life, is evident in both film and life, where Cheng, perhaps like others, contemplates giving up due to various personal reasons.

The film Endless Journeyportrays a group and narrates life. The five members of the Third Brigade, unexpectedly imprisoned after an interrogation, become ordinary individuals upon release. However, they haven't forgotten the fugitive still at large. Therefore, the majority of the story revolves around a group of former police officers on a journey to capture the fugitive. This pursuit may stem from an obsession with the past case or their lingering identity as police officers, leading them on an unwavering path. They take on ordinary roles like drivers, chefs, deliverymen, security guards, and network administrators, not undercover agents but ordinary individuals in ordinary positions. Yet, it's their internal commitment to the police service and their unwavering belief that makes them extraordinary.

Especially in the film's conclusion, after Cheng captures the fugitive who had eluded capture for 12 years, he stands at a crossroads amid a bustling crowd and observes the tranquil passing of time. It's because of individuals like him that such peaceful moments exist. Cheng doesn't bask in the spotlight like the hero cops in traditional movies, instead, he immerses himself in the long-awaited simplicity of everyday life in the sunlight.

The author is a film critic and judge of Beijing Internaional Film Festival. [email protected]
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