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AS700 airship Photo: WeChat account of the Special Vehicle Research Institute

AS700 airship Photo: WeChat account of the Special Vehicle Research Institute

China's domestically made airship AS700 was granted type certificate by Civil Aviation Administration of China recently,888slot Xinhua News Agency reported on Tuesday.

It marked AS700 becoming the first manned airship with independent intellectual property rights approved by Chinese authority.

The maximum takeoff weight of AS700 is 4,150 kilograms, with a maximum travel distance of 700 kilometers and time of 10 hours. It can reach a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour with 10 passengers on board including one pilot.

The AS700 was developed by the Special Vehicle Research Institute under the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. The research program was initiated in August 2018 including three prototype airships, said the report.

The AS700 can realize short distance and vertical take-off and landing with low carbon emission, which can be used in air sightseeing, emergency rescue and urban security. There are no similar products in the domestic market as of now, and it has a price advantage compared with other airship products in the international market.

At present, the Special Vehicle Research Institute has clinched intentional purchase contracts with multiple clients, according to Xinhua.

Global Times

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