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Staff members of the power supply company inspect on the production and electricity consumption of the enterprises.

Staff members of the power supply company inspect on the production and electricity consumption of the enterprises.

On December 21,judi slot 888 2023 in Shangzhuang Village, Foerhu Town, Changge, in Xuchang, Henan Province, the honey shakers, wax presses and other bee products were shipped out of the village one after another with logistics vehicles and sold to all parts of the country. Shang Huibin, secretary of the Party committee of Shangzhuang Village, who stood at the end of the village, smiled and said, "We are in the ‘sweet' village. Life now is as sweet as honey.”

The bee industry in Shangzhuang Village has a long history and is a provincial intangible cultural heritage. Over recent years, taking advantage of the opportunity in Xuchang to vigorously develop the bee industry, the village actively expanded the scale of local beekeeping, promoted the upgrading of the bee product processing industry, and formed a complete bee product industry chain of "bee breeding + bee product processing + bee machine tool manufacturing." At present, the number of bee product enterprises in the village has grown to 85, and there are 22 bee product enterprises above designated size. In 2020, the village was awarded the title of "National Rural Characteristic Industry 100 Million Yuan Village" by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. "In the first 11 months of this year, the transaction volume of bee products in our village reached 900 million yuan, sales of bee machinery and equipment reached 275 million yuan, and the per capita net income of villagers reached more than 42,000 yuan," secretary Shang Huibin said.

In recent years, the online economy has driven the rapid development of the bee products industry. The sales of bee products and bee machine tools in Shangzhuang Village have also moved onto the internet. The number of e-commerce households in the village has grown to 337, with more than 2,000 Taobao stores and more than 3,400 e-commerce personnel. The annual sales of online stores have exceeded 1 billion yuan for three consecutive years. Selected as China's "Taobao Village," it was also named China Bee Machinery Professional Village by the China Bee Association. The products are exported to South Korea, Australia and other countries and regions.

Today, with five administrative villages near Shangzhuang and with Gangli as the center, the "bee town" has been built. Henan Xuchang Power Supply Company has carried out the planning and construction of the distribution network in advance. The new and renovated power distribution capacity of 3,115 kVA has been added to the "bee town," and the new line of 10 kV and below is 26.92 kilometers, which has greatly improved the reliability of the town's power supply.

At the same time, Jiao Yulu Communist Party member service team in the company makes "one-to-one" accurate visits, regularly inspects all distribution areas in the town, establishes merchant ledgers, takes the initiative to provide door-to-door service coordination to solve customers' electricity needs, and carries out investigation on users’ hidden dangers, especially in the peak order season, and arranges personnel to patrol the road without interruption. WeChat groups are established for power supply services online to realize offering real-time and efficient response "online + offline" to the demands of electricity consumption of e-commerce merchants, quickly solve the problems, and actively ensure the demand for electricity consumption in production. (Jiao Yongsheng)

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